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Clive Woodward Building Services ensure that every aspect of the project is taken care of, giving you peace of mind that every item will be finished on time, to budget, and to the highest quality.

All of our staff enjoy the work they carry out and perform the tasks accurately and quickly in response to all of your needs.

We can take an architect’s drawings and transform their lines into walls, windows and doors. Bringing your vision to life. Clive Woodward Building Services in Oxfordshire can build, convert, extend, refurbish and renovate; we can specify, design and install new bathrooms and kitchens; we can lay new floors and put on new roofs; we can supply interior design services all in one professional package. Of course what this will mean to you, is that your project will run smoothly.

Whether your project is large or small, let Clive Woodward Building Services offer a complete package of solutions that suit your needs, your vision and budget.

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